The Award Time Plan

  • Launch of the campaign
  • Inviting participants to apply for the award
  • Deadline for receipt of projects
  • Sorting and distribution of projects to reviewers
  • Completion of refereeing process
  • The Winners will be honored at the Fifth International e-Learning Conference

The Award

Components of the Award

  • Each of the six winners will be awarded a trophy and 2.500 BD (Five Hundred Bahraini Dinars)
  • The General Secretariat will make the announcement on the awards at the times set forth for candidates to apply. The Secretariat will set a deadline for receipt of nominations and names of winners by the times determined by the Secretariat.

Announcement of the Award

  • The organizing Committee will make an annual announcement on the award prior to the end of each year in its annual meeting.
  • Names of winners will be announced at a public ceremony.
  • If more than one person take part in the competition for the award, it will be divided equally between them