The Award Time Plan

  • Launch of the campaign 28|1|2015
  • Inviting participants to apply for the award 28|1|2015
  • Deadline for receipt of projects 30|6|2015
  • Sorting and distribution of projects to reviewers 30|7|2015
  • Completion of refereeing process 30|9|2015
  • The Winners will be honored at the Fifth International e-Learning Conference

General conditions

  • Candidates must be working in one of the Universities of the Arab Gulf States. Former winners for the same award will be excluded.
  • The course must be an academic course taught within the University to any of the colleges of the University.
  • Candidates must be a staff member of any GCC States staff or Higher education staff.
  • The course must be an academic course and part of the academic plan of the academic departments. Candidates must not use the same course if it was submitted to another award.
  • The course must comply with the educational and academic criteria.
  • Candidates must have developed and designed the course him/herself not through the designers of Educational Technology or e-learning Center designers
  • Candidates who developed and designed the in cooperation with the designers of Educational Technology department or e-learning Center designers will be eligible for the second and third award.
  • the e-Course should be available online to be accessible for all jury members and a CD copy given to students should be sent to the Award General Secretariat at Zain e-Learning Center.
  • The course must contain audio and video illustrations and any multimedia enrichment.
  • The e-course submitted for the award must not be subject to intellectual property by publishers.
  • The course must reveal genuine and innovative features in terms of content and educational materials.