The Award Time Plan

  • Launch of the campaign
  • Inviting participants to apply for the award
  • Deadline for receipt of projects
  • Sorting and distribution of projects to reviewers
  • Completion of refereeing process
  • The Winners will be honored at the Fifth International e-Learning Conference


Several Arab Gulf States started to establish e-learning centres in universities and schools in order to facilitate access to education and technology efficiently and effectively. This calls for the need to achieve academic excellence at the technical level in the design of e-courses. The initiation of the award of excellence in the development of online courses will achieve many goals including:

  • Creating a competitive environment for the production of e-courses.
  • Raising awareness and interest in e-culture.
  • Intensification of efforts to promote the integration and use of technology in curriculum design.
  • Inspiring e-learning professionals to creativity and innovation.
  • Creating a collaborative environment between participants.
  • Develop skills for quality and excellence in e-learning.
The sixth meeting of the officials of a e-learning and distance-learning committee at the GCC universities and higher education institutions initiated the idea of offering this award to achieve these goals.

Extension of Deadline for Receipt of candidate projects for the Award

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