The Award Time Plan

  • Launch of the campaign
  • Inviting participants to apply for the award
  • Deadline for receipt of projects
  • Sorting and distribution of projects to reviewers
  • Completion of refereeing process
  • The Winners will be honored at the Fifth International e-Learning Conference

The Winners

Winners for the year 2012


Dr. Wael Madani (University of Bahrain):

works with computer engineering department, Faculty of information technology. He also taught at Cairo University and the University of Manchester. Dr. Madani obtained a doctoral degree in civil engineering from the University of Manchester, England in July 1999 and obtained a master's degree in electronic engineering from the Faculty of electronic engineering, University of Menoufiya Menouf. in October 1991. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Department of Telecommunications Engineering-TQM in May 1987 with distinction. Dr Madani l has many books and research papers published in international journals and conferences. He is also a renowned referee for many international conferences and journals. He is also mentioned in the international encyclopedia " Who 's Who" edition of 2010. He is also a member of several national and international scientific societies, among them (IEEE, IASTED)


Dr. Nina Abdul Razzaq (University of Bahrain):

Dr Nina has a Bachelor and Master's degree from the American University of Beirut and the American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, Ph.d. in educational technology: Walden University-United States . Dr. Nina Abdul Razak joined the Faculty of Teacher-Bahrain (BTC) since the College opened its doors to the first students in September 2008. Since that day, she headed the Department of Educational Psychology and teaches a number of courses in all college programs. She is also involved in several College committees, including the Committee on information technology. The focus of research interests to Dr. Nina Abdul Razak is on best practices in education and on the areas of technology integration and education in schools and the effects of child abuse and issues of educational and psychological differences between males and females. Her hobbies are currently writing several literary works. She hopes to continue writing and teaching until the last breath, she firmly believes that as long as one is able to think and feel, is able to innovate and take.


Mr. Mohammed Ali al Sumaili (KKU):

Mr. Alsumaili has an MA in English literature (creative writing) works as lecturer in the College of languages and translation at King Khalid University where he studied many English language courses for all levels and disciplines. He received his master's degree in English literature (creative writing) from University of Exeter in Britain in 2005. He taught English literature in the College of Arts. He also taught course materials online through Blackboard learning system at King Khalid University. He won the best Award for activating e-learning at the University. He also attended many courses and e-learning courses by Quality Matters. By the end of 2010 he went to JAZAN University where he works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and humanities. He published a novel in English about Dar Arabesque FM.


Dr. Mohamed Habchi, Hussein (King Khalid University):

Associate Professor of statistics and psychometrics, Department of Educational pychology, College of Education at King Khalid University, holds a Ph.d. from the University of Georgia in the United States in 2001, and has published a number of research in both Arabic and English. The focus of his research is traditional and modern measurement theories and their applications in psychological research, educational and social, as well as the use of applied statistics and SPSS software uses, and SAS and R statistics and other programmes in the areas of pure and applied sciences, as well as concerns with scripting languages such as Fortran, C ++, Visual Basic, and software used to create Web pages such as HTML, CSSJAVA, PHP and other programs, He took many training courses on using Blackboard software and virtual classroom (Illuminate Live).


Dr. Abdullah Al Mutawa (Kuwait University):

Dr. Abdullah Al Mutawa, entered in the computer field since 1980s as a hobby and started with him in the intermediate stage , and developed with him in high school. He became a professional programmer. He became a design and programing counselor for the school in 1985 and won the national computer Association in 1987. He also won first, second and fourth in the competition of the Ministry of Education as the best education program at schools in Kuwait in 1988 and was honored as the best programmer in that year. Dr Al-Mutawa's ambitions did not end at that But continued to excel at the undergraduate level and designed and programmed registration system for students in the College of Engineering to help students to choose their timetables in 1991. He is founder and Director of an ambitious site, winner of the third best Arabic site in Sheikh Salem Al-Ali. Recently, he won a United Nations Award for e-content organized by the Kuwait Foundation for scientific progress for the best program on mobile and the third best program in e-heritage. Dr. Abdullah Al Mutawa received his B.SC. degree in engineering from the University of Kuwait in 1994 and completed his education in computer field. He got Master's and doctoral degrees from Syracuse University in NewYork. Now he is a faculty member in the computer Engineering Department of the University of Kuwait, Director, Office of Engineering Education in the College of Engineering and petroleum and pioneer computer student associations and a member of the smart classrooms and e-learning and many other committees. Dr Abdullah Al Mutawa gives courses and lectures on private and public in the field of e-learning and human development for Government and private sectors under the umbrella of the Office of Counseling and Professional Development in the College of Engineering


Dr. Salem Althaih (Kuwait University):

Dr. Al-Tuhaih has a unique and intense activity in the areas of scientific research, consulting, teaching and management training. He was honored and had received several awards in these areas. Professor Salem althaih, works and efforts are genuine milestones that reflect creativity and excellence in several areas. Since the mid-1970s until now he organized many outstanding projects. His efforts were evident in the establishment of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences as a foundation for studies and research of the late his Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Amir of Kuwait in 1980. He also conducted a lot of studies that resulted in implementing State policies on housing and youth organizing and establishing the securities market in addition to the numerous studies that have yielded several results on the ground and was also used by Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council and the Advisory Board of the Supreme Council of the cooperation Council. Prof. Salem Althaih is very active in the field of management consulting, inside and outside Kuwait. He established the first Office consultant and a management training Institute in Kuwait in 1969. He also founded the Association of management consultants in 2005 and chaired its Board until now. He is also active in research and scientific studies and established and assumed the editorship of the Arabic Journal of Administrative Sciences, a scientific journal in the field of business management. He also edited many scientific journals in Kuwait and the United States. He won the Award for academic excellence from the Kuwait Foundation for scientific progress as an outstanding researcher, and the Award from the University of Kuwait for innovative teaching. He also supervised numerous doctoral theses and participated in the examination of the scientific production of the applicants for promotion of faculty members at universities inside and outside the Arab world.