The Award Time Plan

  • Launch of the campaign 28|1|2015
  • Inviting participants to apply for the award 28|1|2015
  • Deadline for receipt of projects 30|6|2015
  • Sorting and distribution of projects to reviewers 30|7|2015
  • Completion of refereeing process 30|9|2015
  • The Winners will be honored at the Fifth International e-Learning Conference


  • Candidates must submit a hard and a soft copy of the course within 6 months after the announcement to invite candidates to the award.
  • The Jury will select the best 10 courses for nominations.
  • More than once candidate may apply for one course and the award will be divided between them.
  • The winning course(s) will be posted online for perusal.
  • Submission of Registration Form and e-courses shall be made to:
    The General Secretariat for the e-Courses Award of Excellence
    Zain e-Learning Center
    University of Bahrain
    P. O. Box 32038
    Kingdom of Bahrain Phone: 17437717 / 17437707
    e-mail: elearningc@uob.edu.bh